We have a wide range of Sand & Aggregate products in an array of varieties and sizes, that can be used in construction Industries and decorative applications.

Soda Ash (Light)


Glass, paper, textile detergent, soap, casting, chemical industries, water treatment and petroleum refining.

Technical Specifications:

Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3)
99.10% min
Chloride Ion (CL-)
0.20% max
Iron Ion (Fe+3) 0.002% max
Sulphate Ion (SO4)
0.027% max
Insoluble matter in water
0.02 % max
Standard density
0.47 – 0.59 gr/cm3

  • In 25 kg or 40 kg. double layer (polypropylene woven with polyethelene liner) Valve bags.
  • 40 kg valve bags palletized and shrink wrapped: 600-840 kg each.
  • In 650 - 800 - 1000 kg laminated polypropylene big-bag.

Contact to sales departement for 40 kg four layer kraft paper with polyethylene liner valve bag option.